Module 1

This module corresponds to international language level A1 (Beginner)


  • Learn to introduce yourself and others.
  • Learn to ask and answer questions about personal details such as where you live, people you know and things you have.
  • Learn everyday expressions like greetings and polite phrases.
  • Interact with others, through simple conversations, provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.
  • Grammar: Learn some basic, yet fundamentally important grammar, e.g. how to build questions.

Module Test


10 min | 2 parts: presentation + Q&A

Before the test you will have to prepare three topics, that you can comfortably talk about and present for 1 min.

Examples of topics students choose:

  • Min hverdag (My typical day, described in simple actions.)
  • Min familie (My family, describing your family, their ages, names etc.)
  • Min bolig (My home, describing your room, house or flat.)

Test Part 1: One of the three topics is picked at random. You then present this topic, by speaking for 1 minute (monologue). Afterwords, the examinator will ask you some questions. (~3min in total)

Test Part 2: You pick a picture at random. You then ask questions about the picture. The examinator will answer them.

Tip: An average person speaks 170 words per minute. That means you should make your presentation ~ 170 words long. Then check yourself against the clock and add or remove a sentence as needed.

Check your progress in Module 1

Adapted from Lærdansk; based on the CEFRL guidelines.






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